Local Investing YYC wrapped up our winter 2019 round, raising our goal of $520k to support these great local businesses:

For details on how to participate in the next round, follow us on social media or email us at info@localinvestingyyc.ca.

We fund for-profit Calgary-based companies that, beyond generating financial returns, are addressing a need in our community by doing business differently. 

Local Investing YYC looks for the following criteria in our investments:

  • Have a strong business plan

  • Have revenue visibility or other evidence of the viability of the business model

  • Have skin in the game and/or other financing

  • Are fully committed to the business and the cause – the venture is not a side gig

  • Can secure our investment and/or provide preferential creditor treatment

  • Meet our financial health criteria

Check back in later in the year for future funding opportunities.