To-date, Local Investing YYC has provided $500,000 in capital to the following local businesses:

We fund for-profit Calgary-based companies that, beyond generating financial returns, are addressing a need in our community by doing business differently. 

Local Investing YYC looks for the following criteria in our investments:

  • Have a strong business plan

  • Have revenue visibility or other evidence of the viability of the business model

  • Have skin in the game and/or other financing

  • Are fully committed to the business and the cause – the venture is not a side gig

  • Can secure our investment and/or provide preferential creditor treatment

  • Meet our financial health criteria

We are now accepting applications for our Q1 2020 raise. Fill out the application below if interested.

To apply for our next round of funding fill out the form below. Your Organization must answer “yes” to all of the questions in order to be eligible. Capital from our 2020 raise will be distributed early Spring 2020.

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Does your business model generate a positive social and/or environmental impact? *
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